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A trifle more than 8 feet in length Lake County, Illinois

 The previous giant races that built the mounds across the United States left little about themselves, or it has been suppressed. It would seem that these races were destroyed and left mounds like the ones in Lake County.

This mighty race left crumbling decayed bones and mysteries about their great stature.

According to an Illinois resident one of these skeletons were longer than 8 feet and many others that he had seen and helped in excavations were longer than 7 feet. This  comes from a reliable source and long time resident Samuel Miller.

Samual Miller also claimed that the skull of the 8 foot Skeleton was equally large proportionally to the body.

It is truly disheartening to hear about the mishandling and loss of artifacts and bones from the giant races that once roamed the United States. The recent discovery of a gigantic skeleton in Alton, Illinois highlights the importance of preserving these findings for scientific research.

This skeleton, said to be over 8 feet long, is a remarkable discovery that could provide insight into the history of mankind and the possibility of larger races in the past. It is crucial that we preserve and study these findings for a better understanding of our past.

It is unacceptable that so many of these discoveries have been lost or suppressed over time. We need to demand transparency and openness in the handling of these artifacts and bones.

We must not let history be lost or forgotten. The preservation of these discoveries is essential for scientific research and the understanding of our past. It is time to take action and ensure that the remaining artifacts and bones are properly protected and studied for future generations.

~Chris L Lesley

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