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A Race of Gigantic Stature Daviess County Illinois

 Buried in a seated position with their legs outstretched and feet pointing to the center Skeletons of gigantic stature were uncovered from a mound. A precise investigation was done on all the mounds at the apex of a rocky bluff by John Dowling, W.M. Snyder, Sidney Hunkins and W.S Crawford. These excavators dug up all the mounds in the area which were dirt filled but the outsides were constructed of a hard clay like an earth oven. ~Chris L Lesley

As researchers continue to investigate the history of ancient civilizations, new discoveries are constantly being made, shedding light on the mysteries of our past. In particular, the uncovering of giant skeletons has become a topic of interest among those studying the history of our planet. The recent discovery of skeletons of gigantic stature in Daviess County, Illinois, is one such discovery that has left many researchers intrigued.

What is particularly interesting about this discovery is the thoroughness of the investigation carried out by John Dowling, W.M. Snyder, Sidney Hunkins, and W.S Crawford. These professionals were first-hand eyewitnesses to the uncovering of these skeletons and made precise measurements of them. The skeletons were found buried in a seated position, with their legs outstretched and feet pointing towards the center. This type of burial is not typical, and it adds to the mystery surrounding the discovery.

What is also notable is the frequency of above-average height among the skeletons uncovered. It is a well-known fact that humans have generally grown taller over time, but these skeletons were larger than any modern-day humans. These giants would have stood out among their peers, and it is intriguing to consider what their lives might have been like and how they might have interacted with their communities.

Unfortunately, the Smithsonian Institute, which is often considered the authority on such discoveries, has been wrought with controversy and has been an adversary to giant research. This has led to the suppression of information about the uncovering of giant skeletons, and it is possible that many more discoveries have been made that are not being publicly shared.

Despite this controversy, the discovery of these skeletons highlights the importance of continuing to explore the mysteries of our past. Who knows what other secrets may be uncovered in the future?

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