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A Man of Gigantic Stature Alton, Illinois

While digging on his farm in Alton, Illinois Z. B. Job disturbed a gigantic skeleton, the bones crumbled at the touch, the skull and jawbone was taken for museum exhibition which was unusually large.

The story of the discovery of a gigantic skeleton in Alton, Illinois is just one of many examples of the historical record of large humans that seem to have been overlooked or intentionally suppressed. The fact that the bones crumbled at the touch is a tragedy, as it makes it difficult to ascertain the true size of the individual. However, the fact that the skull and jawbone were taken for museum exhibition is a positive step, as it shows that at least some individuals recognized the importance of such finds.

But why is it that these stories are often buried and kept from public knowledge? Could it be that they challenge the accepted history of human evolution and the idea that humans have always been roughly the same size? It is possible that these discoveries of larger humans could suggest that our ancestors were much larger than we previously thought, which could have significant implications for our understanding of human evolution.

It is important that we continue to investigate and uncover these stories of larger humans, to shed light on this often-overlooked aspect of our past. We should push for transparency and openness in these discoveries, so that the public can have access to this important historical record. As we continue to unearth more evidence, we may come to realize that our past is much more complex and diverse than we ever imagined.

Many of these stories are obviously pushed under the rug, in this story mere descriptions without measurements and photos seem to be missing. Why would the establishments be disinterested on transparency and openness to the public? ~Chris L Lesley

Bones Of A Giant
Fritz Zimmerman: The Nephilim Chronicles, Angels in the Ohio Valley.
Article picture courtesy of Rephaim23