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A Jaw Bone of “GREAT” size from Virginia


A Jawbone of “Great-Size” of a giant human was found which possessed extra teeth. This enormous jaw possessed 8 jaw teeth in each side, 16 total!

The teeth stood transversely and this gigaantic jawbone would fit easily over a grown man’s face entirely.

Other artifacts were also found on the Wappatomaka in Virginia, one of which was a snake pipe.

A jawbone of “great-size” with extra teeth, 8 on each side, is a truly remarkable find. It provides further evidence of the existence of giants in early human history and suggests a potential genetic abnormality. The finding could potentially lead to new discoveries about the evolution of human beings and their ancestors.

~Chris L Lesley
From the History if Virginia 1869.   Early Native Americans
Historical Collections of Virginia, 1845

Fritz Zimmerman: The Nephilim Chronicles, Angels in the Ohio Valley