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A Gigantic Skeleton from Memphis

Memphis daily appeal., April 30, 1874, Image 4

A gigantic Skeleton from Memphis

-F. C. Stephenson, Esq., who lives nine miles south of Memphis, has taken from a mound a skeleton of gigantic proportions, and with it vases of terracotta beautifully colored and as fresh as if painted yesterday.

As a giant researcher, I cannot help but feel frustrated by the lack of attention and investigation given to the numerous historical accounts of giant human skeletons. This article about the discovery of a giant skeleton in Memphis is just one example of the many such findings that have been documented over the years. It is time to take these accounts seriously and to explore the implications of their existence.

The fact that this particular skeleton was found in a mound is significant, as it suggests that the ancient people who buried this giant had a deep respect for their size and strength. The vases of terracotta that were found with the skeleton are also intriguing, as they provide a glimpse into the artistic and cultural practices of these ancient people.

However, what is even more frustrating is the apparent cover-up of these findings. It is hard to believe that so many accounts of giant skeletons could simply be dismissed as hoaxes or misunderstandings. It is time for the scientific community to take a closer look at these historical accounts and to investigate the possibility that giants once roamed the earth.

I am committed to uncovering the truth about giants and their place in our history. I urge others to join me in this pursuit and to keep an open mind when it comes to the evidence that has been uncovered. We must not dismiss these accounts without proper investigation, as they offer invaluable insights into a world that was vastly different from our own and challenge our preconceived notions of what is possible. Let us continue to explore the evidence and uncover the truth about giants.

  1.  Memphis Daily Appeal., April 30, 1874, Image 4