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9 feet Giant Indian Mummy

The Anderson intelligencer., December 04, 1895, Image 1A Bailiff’s Museum.

Several weeks ago, the dime museum on Decatur Street was levied upon by Bailiff Barnes, of Judge Edgar Orr’s Court, by virtue of an attachment sued out by Mrs. M. A. Hughes against Ed. Reedy. Reedy was the manager of the museum

The several curiosities constituting the museum were moved to Judge Orr’s courtroom after the levy, where they have been ever since. They have been viewed by many people since they have been at Judge Orr’s, as a peep at the museum there is free.

The most interesting part of the museum is the mummified body of a giant Indian. The Indian must have been at least nine feet tall in life.

The body, as it is drawn, measures within a few inches of nine feet now. It has been pronounced by some as in a state of partial petrifaction, but it has since been pronounced by high authorities in osteology as a genuine mummy. The flesh on the huge skeleton is very dry, too dry for petrifaction, and in some places, the skeleton is almost bare.

The mummified body of the Indian is lying in a perfectly natural position. He lies in the long green box, prepared for the purpose, with his long, coarse hair covering the pillow as if he were asleep. It is like a giant warrior had laid himself down to sleep. Even through the rough, dry muscle-like flesh drawn tightly over the bones of his face, there is discernible a fierce look of courage, such as might be imagined a giant like he would possess. The huge frame is well-proportioned, considering that it is so large.

The claim account for which the attachment was taken, not having been settled, the property has been legally advertised for sale on next Monday at 12 o’clock. The curiosities advertised are the giant Indian mummy, a baby mummy, and a double-headed calf.

The baby mummy itself is an interesting study. It is an Indian baby in a mummified state, tightly encased in a split log, with an ancient-looking hatchet cleaving its little head. It is supposed that the baby was murdered, possibly by the big giant, and put inside the hollow of a tree, where the baby became mummified.

The advertisement has attracted the attention of the Smithsonian Institution doctors and professors, and that institution has sent several osteologists at different times to make an expert examination of the mummies.

First, Dr. Priorlcau and Professor Steele of the Smithsonian Institution came and made an expert examination of the bodies represented to the mummies. After a long and careful examination, they pronounced them as real mummified bodies. The giant mummy, they said, was 500 or perhaps 1,000 years old. They said its mummified state was due to a peculiar accident. The bodies became mummified in a peculiarly dry atmosphere, they said.

Professor Lucas was the last of the Smithsonian Institution professors to come and examine the mummies. He made an expert examination with powerful glasses and in many other ways, and he also pronounced the bodies to be in a real mummified state. The examinations were made with the intention of purchasing the mummies to put in the National Museum at Washington.

Copies of the advertisement of the sale were taken by the professors of the National Museum, and it is expected that representatives of the institution at Washington will be present at the sale of the museum next Monday to bid for it.

All of the experts who have examined the giant mummy, which is nearly nine feet in length, think it is a curiosity fit to be placed in the National Museum. – Atlanta Constitution.

  1. The Anderson intelligencer. (Anderson Court House, S.C.) 1860-1914, December 04, 1895, Image 1


Agent Smith: You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, Mr. Anderson…

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Perfect quote i thought. This article being from the Anderson Intelligecer/Mr. Anderson? huh? . . . ok.

Here your average every day giant-indian-mummy taller than Robert Wadlow, which is quite common in fact. The story leads to the Smithsonian Institution which is also quite common. Here you have specific names and the result of their “peer-review” <throws up>

Pointing out this in this article of course makes me a “conspirator”, . . . ah no.

Seeing that it wasn’t me that wrote this article in 1895!!!, and that people were indeed smarter in the past. (observe the world you live in now )

smithsonianknowledgepants on firesmithsonianWhat i am doing is pointing out the corruption in 1895 of the Smithsonian Institution. Not today, however, why is the Smithsonian not releasing this information today? The simple answer is evolutionism is the mandatory government religion, a Federal belief system based on pantheism. The theory of evolutionism simply cannot survive without government sponsorship and why are the agencies like the Smithsonian cherry-picking the evidence?

~Chris L Lesley