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 8’6″ – 8’9″ Giant Dutchmen 


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Over Eight Feet Tall.

King James I. had a gigantic porter eight feet six Inches In height, but he was not perfect, being round shouldered, knock kneed and lame In one foot. Of a similar height was Charles Munster, a yeoman of the Hanoverian guard who died in 1876, and seven years before there was being exhibited In London a Dutchman eight feet nine Inches high anent whom in Pepys’ diary we find the following entry on Aug. 15, 1689: “Went to Charing Cross to see the great Dutchman. 1 did walk under his arm with my hat on and could not reach hla chin with the tips of my fingers.”

  1. The Salida Mail, Volume XXVII, Number 65, January 15, 1907 

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