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8′ Giant Trumbull, Connecticut

r— . icuv.l,
men’engaged in digging an excavation I
under the Trumbull church unearthed
yesterday a petrified giant eight feet
in height and built in proportion. Local
exports say the mummv must be
150 years old. It was found in a bed
of quicksand 20 feet beneath the surface.
The body is in a good state of
preservation and appears to be that of
an Indian.

The Beaver herald., September 23, 1897, Image 2

About The Beaver herald. (Beaver, O.T. [Okla.]) 1895-1923

Newton Daily Republican (Newton, Kansas) September 20, 1897

There are only 3 8 footers on our planet of 7 billion people. So finding an eight footer is extremely rare, you would think. In fact they are in abundance in the past. This is damaging to the theory of evolution it is not a prediction that would be made. Instead it is pushed back, held back, and hidden because reality and hard evidence is against academia.

~Chris L Lesley



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