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8 foot mummy from Lexington, Kentucky

INDIAN MUMMY 8 foot mummy 8 foot mummy
Dnc Out of m Cellar on ElkwMl Creek.
Kentucky Skeletun of a Man debt Feet
Lexington, Ky , Nov. 9. John Winter,
of Bell county, last cck, while
digging a cellar at his home, on Elk well
creek, excavated a giant mummy. The
mummy was that of a man eight feet
high, and wrapped in a winding cloth oi
skins. It was placed in a canoe-lik- e
coftin, and crumbled away upon being
exposed to the air. At the head of the
giant ere a Mone hatchet and a few
cooking utensils and a large hollow
stone, which presumably contained
food. At his feet was a skin shield,
which had also crumbled to dust. 8 foot mummy

The climax., November 11, 1896, Image 4

About The climax. (Richmond, Madison County, Ky.) 1887-1897;words=mummy+giant?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=&date2=1922&proxtext=giant+%2B+mummy&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=8

You would think after paying a visit to the “Tallest Man” website that an eight footer is quite common. However, today there is only 3 people living that are over eight feet tall. That’s 3 people out of 7 billion on our entire planet. The truth is eight foot people are very common, very common in the past.

~Chris L Lesley




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