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8 Foot Iowa Giant

The last Human skeleton dug up in Iowa was eight feet long. Its departed occupant is supposed to have been lynched by his anti-deluvian fellow citizens.

This is a short article but it says a lot. Antedeluvian means before the flood, so this was a giant that was preflood that was hung in public. It may have been punishment for a crime, a war criminal or hung as a warning for others.

Some people might say, “whats the big deal about a skeleton thats eight feet tall, we have eight foot people today”.

This is true, we have 3. Out of 7 billion people on our planet we have 3 eight footers. So a single eight footer is not a big deal, its when you have multiple even thousands of eight footers for every state. It is unquestionably a race of eight footers, in fact the tall ones are 10 and 12 foot in height.

~Chris L Lesley

The Cairo bulletin., March 25, 1875, Image 4
About The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878