Greater Ancestors

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7 foot skeleton Westmorland, England

The skeleton of a seven foot male skeleton was recovered, while two female skeletons were uncovered from a kistaven in Sunbiggun. Funerary urns were found at Hart Rigg that were two feet in length and one foot in diameter which contained the burnt remains of a female. Many mounds, and giant gravestones can still be seen. All of this testifies that the large megalithic stones scattered across England are grave markers for giants.
On many sites like the one near Rawthey Bridge, there are giant holes where a large megalithis stone circle once stood. Now it has been plundered and its mysteries lost. A bridge was in need of repair and the stones were removed.
At another location (Rasate) are large stone mounds built over graves, much like the mounds in America. Bones in these have been plundered some exist that may still have not been opened.
Seven foot skeletons are a global pheneomenon, people were larger in the past as the animals were larger in the past. It was also said that the funerary urns that were found were well fired, meaning that there was examples of technology, enginuity and knowledge. This covers all of Greater Ancestry and paints a different historical picture than what is currently politicized.
~Chris L Lesley
Professor Rolleston, was one of the excavators of many of these tumulus mounds.
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