Greater Ancestors

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7 foot skeleton near stonehenge

A farm plough strikes a something and six large flagstones are removed in what appears to be a cistern, and a seven foot skeleton is uncovered.
7 foot skeleton near stonehenge – Greater Ancestors
The skeletons were uncovered near a barn, where was the Humbleton Burn House. A funerary urn was found there as well which did not receive much attention. 7 foot skeleton near stonehenge – Greater Ancestors
Seven foot skeletons are very common in the past, there is an almost unspoken belief that mankind is getting taller, but we need to take a harder look at the averages and how many seven foot individuals are prevalent today. 5feet 8″ is the average height in the not so distant past it was 7 feet.
~Chris L Lesley
Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive View of the County of Northumberland, 1825
Fritz Zimmermen: The Nephilim Chronicles, Angels in the Ohio Valley.
Here is a comparison of giant skulls from Stonehenge and Michigan.
Giant skeletons from Stonehenge and Michigan
Research done by Rephaim23