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7 – 9 footers Roane County

roanedunleithSeven foot Three and a Seven foot Six Incher

Published in 1894 the 12th Annual Report from the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian – written by Cyrus Thomas and Thomas Powell, who where agents for that bureau, contains several verifiable accounts of large, 7-9 feet tall humanistic skeletal remains found right here in the United States. One particular example was logged in Roane County, Tennessee:


So we have thousands maybe tens of thousands of accounts of giant humans, we have reports from the Smithsonian, and yet denials, that the Smithsonian has these skeletons they previously reported on.

So what is the motive?

smithsonianknowledgeThe Smithsonian is pantheist in its religious propaganda, and communist in its political propaganda. The Smithsonian is not in search of truth, instead it is increasing and diffusing knowledge according to a rigorous formula needed to mold a compliant citizen. Which evolutionism is part of that plan.

So what’s at stake? It ultimately means that death of personal freedom and acceptance that your slice of life is smaller than others. The goal is slavery. Slavery to government, here us the kicker: It also means there is no evidence for evolution in the States because evolutionism isnt true. It means the people that believe in evolution are more simple, ad conditioned to slavery, more childlike and immature. You have been tricked, and its time to abandon the story-telling, and formulas of lies.

~Chris L Lesley