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Larger Skulls in State Park Henge, Indiana

Larger Skulls in State Park Henge, Indiana

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley website reports in an article in the Lima Daily News, July 27, 1892, that Congress was considering buying the Anderson mounds for a national park, as the mounds were considered exceptional in that day. The largest of the five mounds is 100 feet across, 180 feet in diameter and ten feet high, surrounded by forest. These mounds appear to be planned out as all openings to them face the North Star. Not only were the skulls found here very large, but they all contained a fifth skull bone. The giant skeletons in the dried air mound were found sitting and as the fresh air entered the tomb, their bones disintegrated to powder. Scientific study placed the existence of these beings to the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Mounds State Park Henge Site Lima Daily News, (Lima Ohio) July 27, 1892 May Buy The Mounds Congress To Purchase Prehistoric Works (Anderson, Ind., Letter)