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45 Centimeter Giant Mayflies in the fossil record

{The "Fully Mature" "greater ancestor" of mayflies}

Giant Mayflies turn up in the fossil record. While participating in a debate with Creationists and evolutionists in a blog the difference in research is made apparent. The subject was from the Creationists:

  1. That they haven’t changed. That in a layer evo’s say is 300,000,000 years old is found a mayfly that is identical and with all the complexities of mayflies today.
  2. That they haven’t changed. That in fact they were successful that far back and there is no change, Mother nature just turned a blind eye as she was pleased i guess. O.o
  3. They have changed! That there are giant mayflies in the fossil record. That the greater ancestor is extant alive and well, though devolved into its weaker descendants today.

The Bojophlebia prokopi of Bojophlebiidae is from the Upper Carboniferous of Europe tropical climatic zone (Kukalov√°-Peck 1985, 1994). The most remarkable character of this species is its gigantic body. It has 45cm wingspan the prothoracic wings are present and large, the hind wings are broader basally than the fore wings.

(I will post more on this subject at a later date)

The funny thing is Creationists and evolutionists side with stasis while devolution remains the agent of change. ~Chris Lesley

by Greater Ancestors World Museum on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 9:48pm