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18 footer mentioned by the House

18 footer mentioned by the House

9210_135796929906017_1617588621_nThe Giant Skeleton.-The skeleton discovered in William county, in this State, and supposed to be that of a human being,

has frequently been referred to, within a few days past, in the House of Representatives,

Notwithstanding the description given of it, as Wouter Va Twiller would say, “we have our doubts about the matter.” This skeletonĀ  was found about sixty feet beneath the surface of the earth embedded in the clay. The bones are said to be in a perfect state of preservation, and weigh in the agregate of fifteen hundred pounds. All the large and characteristic bones are entire, and the skull, arms, and thigh bones, knee pans, shoulder sockets and collar bones remove all doubts,

and the animal to whom they belonged has been decided to belong to the genus homo.”

This gentlemen when he walked the earth,

was about eighteen feet high,

and when clothed in flesh must have weighed not less than 3000 pounds.

The bones of the thigh and leg measure six feet six inches.

His skull is said to be about two-thirds the size of a flour barrel, and capable of holding two bushels. (He must have had a good quantity of brains, and if intellect be in proportion to the size of the brain, he must have possessed extraordinary intellectual powers.) The description further states, that “a coffee cup of good size could be put in the “eye-sockets.” The jaw teeth wigh from 3 1/2 to 6 pounds. It is stated that an eminent physician and anatomist is engaged in putting the skeleton together, and that it will shortly be ready for public exhibition.

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