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Hey Rocky watch me pull a greater rabbit out of this hat.

Oh wait! I have already written and shown that the greater rabbit was gimongous in the fossil record.

What about a giant moose?

Here is a comparison of Moose antlers.  “These poor Moose were apparently having a duel when they’re antlers became hopelessly stuck together, causing them to starve to death.  One can now compare the fossilized Moose antler beam to a modern one within a short walk: is: “the fossilized antler beam from a Moose.  They typically grow about 6 feet tall at the shoulders currently.  Conveniently enough, just inside the main entrance doors of the museum they have a glass case with two

Although the measurements are estimates (alas, I couldn’t get to them and also didn’t bring my measuring tape), the fossil shows that ancient Moose were probably twice their current size, standing probably 12′ tall (4 meters) at the shoulders.”

Here the estimate done by Ian Juby is not a bad guestimate, of course evolurionists would say it is too high.

The truth is: Fossils compared to their weaker descendants are exclusively microcephalus meaning when a tooth, jaw, skull or horn is found, the head is always the smallest part of the creature. Where as evolutionist say that 12 feet is too high, I can tell you when a full body is found, Ian’s estimate will be too low. ~Chris Lesley

Ian Juby’s  page

by Greater Ancestors World Museum on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 4:01pm