Greater Ancestors

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Loushkin, A Giant from Russia

Ivan Stepanovich Loushkin

giants DNA resurfaces even today as proof of the hidden past!

Submitted on 2011/12/08 at 1:31 pm

why is it so unfathomable for most people to believe in a past race of giants, let alone a greater ancestor for human beings? Although giant-ism is a disease in some cases, it is not the complete comprehensive case for all large humans. Remnants of the “Greater DNA” still emerge at times as noted in the above link. This modern day Russian giants skeleton could easily be disregarded as fake by Darwinist groups like the Smithsonian who have been destroying evidence(or hiding) for either embarrassment sake or something much darker. Unfortunately for them this skeleton has flesh, walks, talks and evidently poses for photographs.


Ivan Loushkin (1811-1844) “At Madame Tussaud’s Exhibition, in Baker-street, there is a wax model of Loushkin, the Russian giant ‘the tallest man that has ever lived in the modern days, measuring 8 feet and 6 inches high, dressed in his military costume as drum-major of the Imperial Regiment of Guards, Preobrajenskey'” – Francis Trevelyan Buckland (1868) “Curiosities of Natural History”, p. 24

(Article written by Randy Rhodes.