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Hāʻupu, Kauaʻi The Guardian Giant of the Mountain

There’s the giant guardian who shared the name Hāʻupu with the peak on which he lived, whose responsibility was to watch for invaders coming in canoes from Oʻahu across Kaʻieʻiewaho Channel. He once saw the glow of torches on the horizon, saw many canoes and heard many voices. It was a fishing tournament off the western coast of Oʻahu organized by the chief Kaʻena, but Hāʻupu mistook this for a fleet of invaders and flung rocks at them. The chief was one of the unlucky ones who lost his life, and his people named Kaʻena Point in his memory. Pōhaku O Kauaʻi, one of the stones the size of a house that Hāʻupu threw across Kaʻieʻiewaho Channel, can still be found off Kaʻena Point.

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