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Palermo Giant

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 A Monster Skull

Easton Free Press, July 31, 1909

A Skull as Big as a Bushel Basket

sicily palermo
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One of the most remarkable finds oi gigantic human remains of which we have any record was that made atPaler mo, Sicily, in the year 1516, when an en tire skeleton of unheard of lproportions was unearthed by some marble quarry men. These mammoth remains mens ured exactly 34 feet from head to foot, and 9 feet 7 inches from point to point of the shoulders. A stone ax buried with this old time giant may still be seen at Palermo in section “Z” of the St. Isorent museum. It is made of a bluish look ing, fine grained bowlder, and appears to be about 2 feet 8 inches long by 1 foot broad and 9 inches through in the thick est place. A musty, rusty looking tag attached to the relic informs the visitor that it weigh.. 52 pounds, butthe general verdict is that it could not weigh over 30 or 35 pounds. The skeleton was burned by a mob in the year 1662 during the prevalence of the black death at Palermo, the igno rant, superstitious people believing that it was connected in some mysterious way with the death dealing distemper. The skull of this giant, according to Abbe Ferregus, “was largely excessive of the baskets sayd to hold the bushel, being fitted above and belowe withe teeth to the number of sixty-foure, the each of which would have weighed two ounces.” Cavalier Scroy claimed to have found a skull on Teneriffe thathad 60 teeth.–St. Louis Republic.

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