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Winnebago county – Giant Indian

Road Builders Uncover Grave of Man 7 Feet Tall

Correspondence to the Star.
NEENAH, Wis. – Buried five feet beneath the surface, the skeleton of a giant Indian was unearthed by road crews paving Highwat 26, a few miles west of here. Physicians who examined the skeleton say it was the largest they had ever seen.
Measurements show that the man must have been at least seven feet tall. The skull measures 12 inches in circumference and the rest of the bones are proportionally large.
The skeleton shows that the man at some time broken one of his legs, the bones never being set,  but knitting with one end overlapping the other, shortening the leg perceptively. The teeth were excellently preserved. Because of its vast size the skeleton is to be presented to a museum.

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