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White County – Nine Feet In Length


A Tennessee Giant’s Bones.

-Cincinnati dispatch from the Times-Star newspaper reports an incredible discovery made by John Park, a Justice of the Peace of White County. While working in a field, he uncovered a grave that was meticulously walled in with rock. Inside, the remains of a giant were found. Mr. Park measured the skeleton and found it to be a staggering nine feet long, three feet across the breast, and around two feet across where the thigh bones intersect with the body. Although only a few bones were in a state of preservation that allowed handling, Mr. Park was able to retrieve bones of the legs, arms, and ribs, which were remarkably large. He also found some of the teeth, which were in a comparatively sound condition. The grave itself was carefully walled up and arched over with rock. The interior contained a large amount of charcoal, which was found to have been burnt from poplar wood and was in excellent condition. The field in which the grave was found has been cultivated for around eighty-five years. This incredible discovery sheds new light on the history of the region and challenges our understanding of the human species.

Northern Tribune – July 02, 1881.

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