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White County – Bones of the Giants

White County Expositor, January 2: The most remarkable relic left in this part of the country by the nations who dwelt here before us was found a few days ago about five miles north of this place. It is a rude image cut from stone, and was doubtless the god before which the idolatrous aborigines bowed in awe and adoration. It is also a facsimile of the idols of the Oriental nations. It is about two feet long and weighs nearly twenty pounds. It is in a sitting posture, representing the legs as folded under the body. It was found near the place where, a few years ago, the remains of the race of pygmies were exhumed and also in the neighborhood of the cave where the bones of the giants were discovered. There are many things connected with these relics which will never be known to us. If this lifeless image could speak, it could doubtless tell us of nations of which the red man, our forefathers found here, knew nothing. Mr. T. L. Sperry now has in his possession this curiosity, for which he paid five dollars.

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