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Washington County – Veritable Giants


A burial place of veritable Giants was found years ago on a farm close to these strange earthworks. Some farmers were loading gravel to build a road with, when in a layer of sand they found a mass of human bones. They were struck with their size and put a skeleton together which measured eight feet from the top of the skull to the bottom of the heel bone. Alive, the owner of the bones must have been a regular giant. The skull was well preserved and in the jaws struck teeth that measured one inch in length. It did not have the protruding cheek bones of the Indian skull and therefore pointed to a different race of men. Soon after their contact with the air, the bones were reduced to dust, which would warrant their great age; the skull alone did not crumble.

The discovery of a burial place of veritable giants on a farm in Washington County is a fascinating piece of history. The fact that the farmers were struck by the size of the bones and put a skeleton together that measured eight feet from skull to heel bone is remarkable. It is extremely rare to find someone who is eight feet tall today, let alone in the past. Additionally, the discovery of teeth measuring one inch in length is another interesting feature. The absence of protruding cheekbones in the skull suggests that these giants belonged to a different race of men than the indigenous peoples of the area. The fact that the bones were reduced to dust soon after their discovery indicates that they may have been extremely old. This discovery underscores the importance of continued exploration and research into our world’s ancient history.

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