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Washington County – Over Six Feet


WARRIOR SKELETONS UNEARTHED. Harry Traver, near Downsville, Md., a few days ago opened up a large Indian mound which he found on a high rocky cliff on the Potomac river in Washington county. The mound contained the skeletons of five Indians, one of whom was a warrior over six feet high. The Indians had been buried in a circle face downward, with their feet toward the centre. The warrior’s neck had a necklace of bear claws. A full set of unblemished teeth were found in each of the skulls, which proves that the Indians were not bothered with bad teeth. It is thought the skeletons were of Indians of the Susquehanna, Delaware, or Seneca tribe.

The discovery of a warrior skeleton over six feet tall, along with four other skeletons, is an exciting find for researchers interested in the history of Native American tribes in Maryland. This skeleton was found in a large Indian mound, buried in a unique circular formation with the other four skeletons facing downward and feet towards the center. The warrior’s necklace of bear claws is a fascinating detail that provides insight into the beliefs and customs of the tribe. The full set of unblemished teeth found in each skull is also significant, as it suggests that the tribe had a healthy diet and oral hygiene practices.

Preserving this skeleton and the other findings from the Indian mound is crucial for scientific research into the history and customs of the Susquehanna, Delaware, or Seneca tribes. By studying the physical characteristics, burial practices, and artifacts found with these skeletons, researchers can gain a better understanding of the ways in which Native American tribes lived and interacted with one another in this region. This discovery reminds us of the importance of preserving historical artifacts for future generations to learn from and appreciate.

Harry Traver, Near Downsville, Md.

  1. Maryland, Washington County, 1896. 

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