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Washington County – Nearly Eight Feet High


“Tuz skeleton of a giant, eight feet high, has been exhumed from the farm of Mr. Colvin, near Monongahela City, Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Chronicle says: “From the position of the bones in the vault under the stone, it is supposed the bodies were buried in a sitting position, the skull bones and those of the trunk being all in a heap, while those of the legs were scattered along towards the foot of the vault. At the foot, also, of many of these graves were found various articles, lot ornaments of exquisite workmanship, denoting a greater skill than usually belonged to the Indians, together with crockery and warlike implements. The graves in the vicinity number several hundred, and go to show that the field was at one time an extensive burying ground.””

It’s interesting to note how the discovery of an eight-foot skeleton is significant, as it is a rare occurrence in the world’s population. Only three people out of nearly 7.9 billion are currently known to be eight feet tall, making such a discovery a remarkable event. What’s more, it’s disappointing to learn that the scientific community in the 1800s mishandled such findings because they didn’t align with their preferred narrative. When we cherry-pick evidence, we limit our ability to understand the world around us and provide incomplete and inaccurate answers. As such, it’s essential to consider all evidence when seeking answers, even if it challenges our existing beliefs.

  1. Pennsylvania, Washington County, The Hancock Jefferson, 1859

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