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Washington County – Discovery of Another Giant

Discovery op Another Giant?

This One onlya Skeleton.?

The on city (Pa) Tune* is responsible
for the following:? on Tuesday morning last, while
Mr. William Thompson, assisted bj Robert R. Smith,
was engs?ed In making an excavatiou near tne
bouse of the former, about hair a mile north of W est
Hickory, preparatory to erecting a derrick, they ex
humed an euoriuous helmet 01 iron, which was cor
roded with rust. Furteer digging brought to light
a sword which measured nine feet lu length. Cu
riosity Incited them to enlarge the hole, aud
after some little time they discovered the bones
of two enormous feet. Following up the “lead”
they had so unexpectedly struck, in a lew hours’
time tney had unearthed a well preserve* skeleton
of an enormous giant, belonging to a species of the
human family which probably inhabited this and
ether parts of the world at the time or which the
Bible speaks, when it says, ?’And there were giants
In those days.” 1 he helmet is said to be or tha
shape of tuose found among the ruins or Nineveh.
The bones of the skeleton are remarkably white.
1 he teeth are all in their places, and ail or them are
double, and of extraordinary sue. These relics
have oeen taken to Tloucsta, where they are visited
by large numbers of people daily. When his giant
ship was in the flesh he must have stood eighteen
feet la his stockings. These remarkable relics wi.l
b$ forwarded to New York early next week. Tea
Joints or the skeleton are now being giuea together.
Thesa remains were found about twelve foet below
the surrace or a mound which bad been thrown up
probably centuries ago, and wtuoh was not more
(hag three feet above tha leval ol the ground
around it. a?ra is suolimr uut for auutuanau* to

  1. The New York herald. [volume], January 05, 1870, Page 4, Image 4

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