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Walnut Grove, Giant Skull 2x

Giant skull twice as large as modern skulls

Walnut Grove, Skull 2x

Unearthed a Giant Skull

The work of removing the old Indian mound in Walnu grove, Martin’s Ferry, O., goes on slowly, owing to the care exercised that none of the interesting relics to be found in it to be lost. Probably the most interesting article taken from the mound is a huge skull, which would seem to indicate that in the days of the mound builders there were giants abroad. This giant skull is at least twice as large  as the normal average of today.  This giant skull is in good preservation. -Cor. Chicago Herald.

Capital journal. Salem Ore July 05, 1893 pg 3

Research done by Rephaim23

Here is an example of yet another skull said to be twice as large. How big is twice as large? 200% twice the volume maybe. If i was to replicate a skull that is twice as large as the average how many inches tall would that be? Of coarse the skull would have the typical earmarks of longevity: large brows and large eyes and large nasal cavity. Basically having more mature features and a greater thickness in the bone.

With a skull twice as large as the modern skull there are two reconstruction methods radically different and with different outcomes. One is a macrocephalus reconstruction method: This method places a large-head to a small-body ratio. This is the preferred academic method which has several problems:

1) When mature fossils are found the always tend to be microcephalus.

2) As species mature the body grows faster than the head.

3) When bones are found later, always the skeleton tends to show greater growth than the head.

So. . . using micrcephalus reconstructions we have full assurance that if the head is an even 200% larger the unfound body would be 200+ plus %.

Chris L Lesley  Greater Ancestors World Museum



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