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Vernon County – EIGHT FEET TALL


Bones of Mound Builder Unearthed at Ferryville Attract Attention of Antiquarians.
VIROQUA, Wis., Sept. 30.-The skeleton of a prehistoric man, which assembled, indicates that the being whose bones were found by C. H. Lawrence of Ferryville, measures 8 or nine feet in height has been unearthed near Viroqua and is attracting great curiosity and attention.

The discovery of a nine-foot-tall prehistoric man is a remarkable find that has the potential to reshape our understanding of ancient history. The fact that the bones were found in the region previously inhabited by the Mound Builders, a civilization known for their construction of earthen mounds, adds an extra layer of intrigue to this discovery.

The implications of this find are significant for the scientific community, as it challenges our existing ideas of ancient human populations. The average height of humans during this time period is expected to be  considerably shorter than what this and other discoveries suggests, leading to questions about the genetic makeup and lifestyle of this individual.

Moreover, this discovery raises questions about the social structure and cultural practices of the Mound Builders. Were there other individuals of this size in their society, and if so, what role did they play? Did they hold positions of power or were they revered as divine figures?

It is imperative that we preserve and study these bones to unlock the secrets of this enigmatic figure and his people. The scientific community should take notice of this discovery and continue to explore the region for further evidence of this ancient civilization. By doing so, we can gain a better understanding of the diversity of human history and the complex societies that have existed throughout time.

  1. Wisconsin, Vernon County, Viroqua, Wis., Sept. 30, 1909. 

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