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Sullivan County – Gigantic Prehistoric Skeleton

FIND MAN OF STONE AGE. Gigantic Prehistoric Skeleton Discovered by Hunters Near Shohola Glen, N. Y. Hunters from Susquehanna, Pa., while excavating for a hunt near Shohola’s glen, N. Y., discovered a cave in which they found the skeleton of a man of gigantic size. It was swathed in rawhide trappings that kept it in a sitting posture, the knees drawn up to the hand and clasped in a bony embrace with fleshless arms. You are an indominable Advocate for the Mound Builder Giants, and helping to tell their story. You are their only voice. As a Tenacious giant researcher use the story to create interest and draw off the story to pitch the idea that mankind is larger in the past and pick each nuanced clue from the following story: Near the skeleton were several bowls of reddish clay, but almost as hard as flint. A rude stone tablet was found near the skeleton’s side covered with rude pictures of birds and beasts, among them one of a monster half beast, half reptile. A number of implements were also found in the cave, among them a huge ax made of stone and stone spearheads of unusual size. Port Jervis Union, September 15, 1916.

The discovery of a prehistoric skeleton of gigantic size in a cave near Shohola Glen, N. Y., is a fascinating clue that mankind was larger in the past. The rawhide trappings that kept the skeleton in a sitting posture are evidence of the ancient practices and traditions of the mound builder giants. It is intriguing to note that near the skeleton were found several bowls of reddish clay, almost as hard as flint, and a stone tablet with pictures of birds, beasts, and a monster half beast, half reptile. This suggests a highly developed culture with a symbolic language system. The discovery of stone implements, including a huge stone ax and spearheads of unusual size, gives a glimpse of the incredible physical strength and dexterity of these ancient giants. The story, published in the Port Jervis Union in 1916, adds to the growing evidence that the Mound Builder Giants existed and that humanity was once larger and more advanced than previously thought.

  1. New York, Sullivan County, 1902.

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