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Merrimack County – Pond Brook – Large Skeleton Found


No Clue To The Mystery  Uncovered at Henniker New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, Merrimack, Henniker, N. H, JuTy 31. While taking gravel from the bank by the high way near the bridge aerm Pond brook at the north end of Wilkin’ reservoir on Warner road Monday, the hones of a skeleton were brought to light. How long the body had been buried there no one seems to known. The skull and some of the larger bones of the skeleton were in good condition. The teeth are sound and well set. It is the npinon of thoin who have examined the bone that they were a part of the frame of a large and powerful man. How they came in Mich a place is a question. The skeleton wan covered with alsiut eighteen inches of earth and was evidently laid on the aide while the body was bent to fit the grave.

  1. The Barre daily times., July 31, 1907, Image 1

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