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Merrimack County – Pond Brook – Large Skeleton Found


No Clue To The Mystery  Uncovered at Henniker New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, Merrimack, Henniker, N. H., July 31. While taking gravel from the bank by the highway near the bridge over Pond brook at the north end of Wilkin’s reservoir on Warner road Monday, the bones of a skeleton were brought to light. How long the body had been buried there no one seems to know. The skull and some of the larger bones of the skeleton were in good condition. The teeth are sound and well-set. It is the opinion of those who have examined the bones that they were a part of the frame of a large and powerful man. How they came in such a place is a question. The skeleton was covered with about eighteen inches of earth and was evidently laid on the side while the body was bent to fit the grave.

A large skeleton in Henniker, New Hampshire has sparked interest among researchers and enthusiasts alike. While the article provides limited information, the fact that the bones were of a “large and powerful man” suggests that the skeleton was of significant size.

It is important to note that finding skeletons of this size is not actually rare, and indicates the potential existence of giants in the past. Furthermore, this discovery provides an opportunity for scientists to study the skeletal structure of a larger than average human being and gain insights into their physiology and health.

The mystery surrounding the burial site also raises questions about the culture and practices of the people who lived in the area during the time the body was buried. Understanding their practices and beliefs can provide a glimpse into the social and cultural aspects of their lives.

Preserving this skeleton would allow for further study and analysis, which could contribute to our understanding of human history. It is essential that the bones be handled with care to avoid damage or loss of important information. Hopefully, this discovery will encourage further exploration and discoveries in the field of anthropology and archeology.

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