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Santa Clara County – Race of Giants


Skeleton Remains of Ancient Inhabitants Found in Santa Clara

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Dec. 17. Digging in mounds about two miles south of here has led to the discovery of several skeletons of men, all of which measured over 6 feet. The investigations have been carried on for some time by Professor Harold Heath of the zoology department, and these discoveries, in connection with others, seem to corroborate the fact that the entire peninsula, as far north as San Francisco, was once inhabited by a race of giants.

Interesting instruments and ornaments found in the ruins indicate that the people attained a proficient degree in artisanship. Bone needles and awls, mortars and hammers, some of which were polished to a high degree, have been found, and the best specimens placed on exhibit in the Stanford museum, together with a skeleton in an excellent state of preservation.

While the inhabitants were large and strong, they apparently were not of a warlike nature and seem to have been very lazy. Their principal means of livelihood was hunting and fishing. In burying, they interred their dead very near the surface and covered the bodies with refuse.

  1. California, Santa Clara County, Dec. 17, 1912. 

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