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Salt Lake County – Large Skull


Interesting Discovery While Excavating for Prof Paul’s New Residence in City Creek Canyon Just Beyond Fourth Street:

Messrs. Michelson and Ashton have just begun the construction of a new residence which is to be the home of President Paul of the Latter-day Saints University. While excavating the basement this morning, the workers came upon the bones of a human being at a depth of several feet. The entire skeleton, still in a fair state of preservation, was found. The skull, which is large, symmetrical, and well-developed, is evidently that of a mature and brainy Caucasian. The skeleton will be presented to the Latter-day Saints University. In all probability, it is the last mortal remains of some early pioneer before the days of public cemeteries or of some trapper who lived and died hereabouts before the arrival of pioneers. No marks of violence are discernible from a cursory examination of the skull and the other bones.

Deseret evening news. [volume], October 23, 1903, Last Edition, Page 5, Image 5

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