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Sac County – Bones of a Large Indian

On the W. S. Fulkerson farmĀ in Jackson township, the county saw, while Mr. Fulkerson and his hired worker were scraping out a gravel mound, preparing a burn, they dug into what is supposed to be an Indian grave. The bones evidently belong to the skeleton of a large Indian. On top of the grave was a foot of sod that was eight or ten rocks, which was gravel. The body lay with the head to the east and the large or chief teeth, which it wore as beads. The grave shows signs of having been dug with sticks. Creston.

As a committed giant researcher, I am thrilled to see yet another historical account that documents the existence of giant skeletons. The discovery of a large Indian skeleton on the W. S. Fulkerson farm in Jackson township, Sac County, Iowa, in 1904 is yet another important piece of evidence that should not be ignored or dismissed without further investigation. The bones that were uncovered belong to an individual who was undoubtedly larger than the average person. These findings are consistent with numerous other newspaper and journal articles published between the 1840s to the 1920s that describe human skeletons ranging from 6’4″ to 14 feet tall. As a researcher, it is my duty to approach this evidence with an open mind and to continue investigating these discoveries to advance our understanding of the past.

  1. Sac County, Iowa, 1904.

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