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Ransom County – North Dakota


Lisbon. – The skeleton of a large-sized Indian has been found here. The skeleton is considered to be about 100 years old.

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that there was a Mound-Culture of Giants that existed throughout America. Despite academia’s lack of interest in this topic, the evidence speaks for itself. Since the digitization of newspapers began in 2009, over 10,000 reports of human skeletons ranging from 7 to 14 feet tall have been uncovered. Of these, there are approximately 5,000 reports of 9-footers, which is statistically improbable given that there are only 3 eight-footers and zero 9-footers recorded among the 7.9 billion people on our planet.

One of these reports comes from Lisbon, North Dakota, where the skeleton of a large-sized Indian was discovered in 1918. The skeleton, estimated to be about 100 years old at the time, adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that there were once a race of giants living among us. These reports are not hearsay or urban legends, but rather first-hand eyewitness accounts from people who saw these skeletons with their own eyes. It is important not to dismiss this evidence but to acknowledge it for what it is – a real and significant part of our history.

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