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Dr. Hoy has recently opened one of these mounds, and found in it the skeletons of seven persons, , buried in a sitting posture, and facing the east. The bones were not accompanied by ornaments or articles of any kind that had resisted the destructive effects of time. The teeth of the adult skeletons were much worn but sound and firm. It was observed that the muscles of the jaws must have been unusually large and strong. The bones of the skull, except in one instance (probably that of a female), were found to be remarkably thick and solid. These skeletons were much decayed, and could not be restored. The mound opened was seven feet high and fifty feet in diameter, being the largest of the group. A basin-shaped excavation had been made in the original soil, about eighteen inches deep, reaching to the gravelly subsoil, upon which the skeletons were placed side by side, all facing in the same direction. The legs, which had been laid horizontally, retained their original position; but the skull and bones of the bodies were huddled together by the settling upon them on the earth in which they were placed. There were no indications of fire.

The discovery of seven individuals, all over seven feet tall and buried in a sitting posture, is a remarkable find that sheds light on the frequency of tall individuals in the distant past. This discovery, along with other similar finds, suggests that these occurrences were not isolated incidents, but rather natural or genetic phenomena. The size and strength of the jaw muscles and thick, solid bones of the skulls indicate that these individuals may have had unique physical characteristics. Such findings are crucial to understanding the diversity of the human race throughout history and must be preserved for future generations to study and appreciate.
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Racine County

  1. The Antiquities of Wisconsin as Surveyed and Described, 1853

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