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Preston County – Unearth Giant Skeletons


Unearthed Giant Skeletons. UNIONTOWN, March 26. – Workmen excavating for a railroad near Masontown uncovered the skeletons of some giants a short distance under the surface. From the many beautiful shells surrounding the skeletons, it is supposed they were Indians. Tradition is that this place was a famous Indian burying ground.

The discovery of giant skeletons in Masontown is yet another piece of evidence that challenges the traditional narrative of human history. Despite the overwhelming number of historical accounts documenting the existence of giants, these finds are often dismissed or ignored by mainstream archaeologists and historians. The skeletons discovered by the railroad workers near Masontown provide further proof that giants once roamed the earth and lived among us.

The fact that the skeletons were found near a supposed Indian burial ground is not surprising, as many Native American tribes have legends and stories about giants. However, it is unfortunate that the mainstream narrative of history often overlooks or dismisses these stories as mere myths or legends.

As dedicated researchers, it is our responsibility to investigate and explore these finds to uncover the truth about our past. We cannot let mainstream skepticism and denial stand in the way of uncovering the truth about giants and their place in human history. The discovery of the Masontown skeletons is just the tip of the iceberg, and we must continue to search for more evidence and expand our understanding of the past.

  1. West Virginia, Preston County, The New Dominion, March 27, 1901‚Äč

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