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Pierce County – Giant in Stature


Street Graders Are Running Through Ancient Cemetery of the Black Hawks DEER BURIED BESIDE BRAVE I SKELETONS ALL LYING WITH HEADS TO EAST Tho rho harm hR hunting ground of the Indi Indians ans na wHo f along tho Jordan river a aIt It ury ago ngo Is being boing rudely disturbed by b progress The rIse crow at work on tho street Improvements along Sixth South between Eight and Ninth Vest West streets have bays already uncovered the skeletons tons of or five Indians One Ono of or these theo skeletons was evidently that thai t of oC a n huge brave bravo or chieftain Beside him JUm were Vere 7 the te bones of his ls d dog S and the th i or of Jt a large deer The rhe skeleton of oC thi Indian Idun well weH preserved and showed him tobe to be n a gIant Slant in stature Though It Is JJ that his bow and arrows were interred with the remains re m ns of oC the brave were no them The In dian warrior was wag burled buried with his head tt Ii the east cast according to the custom of oC ii II L V eople Po In ln order that when he ho arose n ht would face tace the setting sun Squaws and Found the W little w wy from Crom the grave of the tho giant bones bOlles of a little lI tle Indian were found and farther r east the skeletons of or three In dian squaws all with their heads to the cast a t Pioneers of f the state slate recall the time wien I the ridge on which the bones were found was an nn Island In a n lagoon of oC the Jordan and a favorite Indian lodge of oC the Now the tho ancient burying ground is be IV Irig transformed rm d into a broad broud macadam street et and the Indians who built their signal fires and stalked their deer and dead on this knoll have 1100 fold l j their tepees teDe and faded away awn The march of has reached the hunting grounds of the aborigines and there on the site of the old cemetery resi resl dences are boing erected Bones to Be Preserved The skulls and some of the tho bones of or the Indians are ure being preserved for Cor study T h lwy y are at present in the possession pos of oC Jones who was surveying the when they were found W W V H II foreman for Sy Sr S Birch the con tractor was wag the tho th first firs to discover dl cover the sk Mons The rho skull of the huge warrior if Is 1 at present at nt the Riverside o school and Is Js bring being used as a specimen for study stud by b physiology class chass T t

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