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Patagonia – Gigantic People


St. Louis, Oct. 14.—The details of the expedition to be sent by the World’s Fair officials to Patagonia, to enlist the co-operation of the chief of the Tehuelche Indian tribe—known since the time of Magellan as the most gigantic people in the world— have just, been arranged by Dr. W. J. MoG-en, chief of the department of anthropology. The indications are that Chief Mulato will come in person with his family, and that another group of heroic stature will accompany him. The plan for the expedition was proposed by Prof. J. B. Hatcher, of the Carnegie museum. Pittsburg, who has traveled expensively over Patagonia, and who is a persona] friend of the Tehuelche chief.

  1. The Evening Statesman, Volume 30, Number 182, 14 October 1903

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