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Parkhill, Ontario Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton Found at Parkhill

Workmen make interesting discovery in Sauble River Gravel Pit

Parkhill, July 19. – While excavating in McTaggart’s gravel pit on Leslie & Grieve’s farm on the Sauble yesterday, and interesting find was made.

A human skeleton of giant proportions was unearthed. The skeleton was found in a sitting posture, directly beneath the stump of a maple tree, more than two feet in diameter.

Judging by the size of the tree which had grown above his head, the man whose bones still remained must have been dead two or three hundred years at least.

The bones of the fore arm and the leg bones were measured and their length indicated that he had been between seven and a half and eight feet tall.

The skull which was much larger than the ordinary skull, was intact and the teeth were perfect.

A thorough search was made without finding anything further. The grave did not find a single article usually placed in the graves of the aborigines for their use in the happy hunting grounds.

The skull was preserved by Mr. D. Ross. and is well worth seeing. It is supposed that he was not a warrior, as no arrowheads were found and there were no indications of the grave having previously been discovered.

Giant Skeleton Found at Parkhill – S.O. 20 July 1897 p1

By snap-happy1 John Rochon July 25, 2010.