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Paris Catacombs – Superiority of Development


Men of Ancient Times B Recent Discoveries Prove Them To Be Of M Giantic Height and Immense Proportions. M Wahiiinoton, May .1. That .the H human race lias degenerated In sl.c as H well as longevity Is a fact well attest- H cd by arlous authorities. A promt- H nent Washington physician who has H made a life study of brain and core- H bral development says that, in visit- H Ing the catacombs of l’.irls, what H struck him most In those vast rcpcsl- H torlcs of the contents of the city’s H ancient giavcvards was the slc of the H skulls In comparison with those of H more modern mankind. Thlssuperlo- H rity of development In the men who H lived a’thousaud jears or more ago the H scientist attributes to the open-air H llfo then In vogue and the physical H spo’ts and exercises Indulged In


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