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Massive Human Bones and Indiana Relics Near Pelican Lake.
That human beings of enormous size inhabited this section of the country ages ago was prove last Sunday, when the massive skeleton of an Indian was unearthed near Pelican Lake.
The interesting discovery was made by Geo. Patton and L. H. Eaton, two Chicago tourist, who are spending the summer there. For several days the men noticed a mound on their travels through the woods and at last led by curiosity decided to excavate it. Procuring spades the fell to work and after digging down to a depth of about four feet were surprised to find the bones of a large foot protruding through the earth. Digging further they gradually uncovered the perfect frame of a giant. 
The skeleton was nearly eight feet in height and the arms extended several inches below the hips. Buried with the bones were numerous stone weapons and trinkets. Among these was a curious stone hatchet, a copper knife, several strange copper rings, and a necklace made of the tusks of some prehistoric animal. The skeleton is no doubt that of an Indian who was one of a tribe of giants who roamed this part of the state over one thousand years ago.

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