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Nez Pierce County – Measuring More Than 8 Feet


Nez Pierce County – Measuring More Than 8 Feet

Idaho, March 22 – A huge human skeleton believed to be that of a prehistoric giant has been discovered in the Salmon River country, south of here, by two members of the state highway who have brought the find to this city. The lower jaw will be sent to the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D.C. for analysis as to the probable date of existence. The bones were found in the side of a cliff at a depth estimated to be 50 feet. Nearly the entire skeleton was recovered. The store is proceeding with more care after determining that the find might prove to be of value. Measuring more than eight feet in height and possessing strange features, the skeleton has aroused widespread interest among those who examined it. Some believe it to be that of a woman. Belief that the person was of a race has been held owing to the peculiar formation of the skull and teeth. Both the upper and lower jaws have only 20 teeth each, and all are intact.

The discovery of a prehistoric giant’s skeleton is a fascinating topic that has intrigued many researchers over the years. Eyewitness accounts and thorough measurements of the bones provide invaluable insights into the existence of giants in our past. The fact that this particular discovery was made by professionals who were trained to identify and handle such findings adds to the credibility of the discovery.

However, the Smithsonian Institution’s involvement in the analysis of the lower jaw bone has been a source of controversy for many years. The Smithsonian has been an adversary to giant research and has suppressed evidence of their existence. The measurements and analysis of the bones could help shed light on the frequency of above-average height in ancient human populations.

It’s important to approach the study of giants with an open mind and consider all available evidence before drawing any conclusions. With advancements in technology and new discoveries being made, it’s possible that we may uncover more evidence of prehistoric giants in the future. The discovery of this prehistoric giant in Idaho County is just one example of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in giant research.

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