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Nez Pierce County – Measuring More Than 8 Feet

DISCOVER BONES OF PREHISTORIC GIANT LEWISTON Idaho March 2 22 I A hugo hUl skeleton believed to be b that of tt n pr human being has being ha ben been discovered In the th Salmon river country south of here hero by two t members numbers ot of o the th state highway who have h v brought find ind to Ihl this cit elt The Th lower jaw and nd will bo be sent to the Smithsonian JI Institution at al ton mini D C for tor anal onal sis is 0 as asto asto to the probable date dt of existence The Til Tb bonn bones were found In the side of a cliff clift at t a depth estimated to bo be 50 SO feet Nearly the th entire skeleton was roco recovered ered the th eXea- eXea S store atoro 1 proceeding proceeding- with more moro cire elre alter aller determining that the find might pro prose proe e to 10 be of oC S aloe Measuring more nore than eight fee feet In height h ht fe-ht and possessing strange ngo the tho th Skeleton ho hs a widespread Interest ins who examined It pr It to be b that of a w oman Belief that Ihal the tho person was of or a race rl has been ep ell owing to the I peculiar forma Ion of the J and teeth teth Bo h s the tho upper and loner er Jaws base ha only 10 20 teeth teth each and all are In Intact Intact tact​

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