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Newport County – Tower built by Giants

In addition to the Engas, The Dighton Writing Rock, the Newport Tower (which Indians say was built by giants), and the Skeleton in Armor, we have, in support of the early discovery by Leif Erikson, the writings of Adam of Bremen, an old historian of high authority who visited the Danish King, Svend Estridson, and afterward wrote in Latin an account of the northern nations. He says: “There is a land discovered by many in this ocean (Atlantic) which is called Wineland, because vines which produce very good wine grow there abundantly; and there grows grain without sowing, which is a spontaneous production of the earth, and the inhabitants live on the produce of their flocks and the hunting of wild animals. Of this, we have knowledge, not by fabulous supposition, but by reliable statements of the Danes.”

Newport Tower built by Giants

In addition to the sagas,

  1. Rhode Island, Newport, 1873. 

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