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New Haven – Nearly 7 Feet In Height


Bones of Three Giants Unearthed in Connecticut Town. 

It is supposed the skeletons are those of a tribe of Indians which held this section before the Pequots, three centuries ago. All the skeletons will be mounted in the Peabody museum here.

NEW HAVEN, Conn., May 21.- Three giant skeletons, believed to be 300 years old, were unearthed in an excavation in Shelton and brought to Yale, under the supervision of Prof. H. B. Ferris, of the department of anatomy, and Dr. George McCurdy, professor of anthropology.

One of the skeletons is that of a man nearly seven feet in height. It was embedded in hard clay and was in a state of perfect preservation. It lay in a peculiarly cramped position, the elbows resting on the knees, with the skull well forward. It was facing the east.

The other skeletons were of a man and a woman. Around the woman’s neck was a necklace, but the professors were unable to recognize the material from which it was made, and it has been sent to an expert for examination.

  1. Connecticut, New Haven County, 1904

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