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Moffett McGill House – Above 7 Feet


Opposite the place where the circular ridge was, and upon the north bank of the stream, upon a low bluff, stood, a great many years ago, a dwelling house, which was known as the Moffett McGill house. Around the location of this house, had, in ancient times, been the burial place of an ancient people. A number of skeletons were exhumed there, one of which was that of a man, who, in life, was above seven feet in height, and in the same grave, were the skeletons of a smaller human being and a dog.

The tradition in regard to the burial ground and the finding of the skeletons of giants, and that a prehistoric race had once made their dwelling place near there, caused the McGill house and its locality to be regarded with superstitious awe, by the,…

The article describes an archaeological discovery made in the vicinity of the Moffett McGill house, which was a dwelling that stood on a low bluff on the north bank of a nearby stream. The location was found to be an ancient burial ground of a prehistoric people, where several skeletons were exhumed. One of the skeletons belonged to a man who was over seven feet tall, while another was that of a smaller human and a dog.

The discovery of these skeletons contributed to the belief that a prehistoric race had once inhabited the area. This, in turn, led to the McGill house and its surrounding locality being regarded with superstitious awe by the local community.

This article provides a glimpse into the history of the area and the discovery of the remains of prehistoric people, shedding light on the customs and beliefs of ancient civilizations. It also highlights the significance of archaeological research in uncovering the mysteries of the past.

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