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Mississippi County – 8 or 9 Feet in Height

Gigantic Human Skeleton

GIGANTIC HUMAN SKELETON A number of years ago, in making an excavation into or near the foot of Chickasawba’s mound, a portion of a skeleton was found. The men who were digging, becoming interested, unearthed the entire skeleton, and from measurements given us by reliable parties, the frame of the man to whom it belonged could not have been less than eight or nine feet in height.

Under the skull, which easily slipped over the head of our informant (who, we will here state, is one of our best citizens), was found a peculiarly shaped earthen jar, resembling nothing in the way of Indian pottery which had before been seen by them. It was exactly the shape of the round-bodied, long-necked carafes or water decanters, a specimen of which may be seen on Gaston’s dining table. The material of which the vase was made was a peculiar kind of clay, and the workmanship was very fine. The belly or body of it was ornamented with figures or hieroglyphics consisting of a correct delineation of human hands, parallel to each other, open, palms outward, and running up and down the vase, the wrists to the base and the fingers towards the neck. On either side of the hands were tube or thigh bones, also correctly delineated, running around the vase. There were other things found with the skeleton, but this is all that our informant remembers. Since that time, wherever an excavation has been made in the Chickasawba country in the neighborhood of the mound.

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