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Midland Michigan – Two Giant Skeletons

Skeletons Unearthed.

Midland, Mich.. Dee. 24. Two giant
skeletoos, in a sitting posture, .were
unearthed by ditch, diggers in Mt. Haley Township. They are in a perfect preservation. It is believed that they walked on the earth fully 3,000 years ago.

The unearthing of two giant skeletons in Mt. Haley Township, Michigan, is a fascinating discovery that raises intriguing questions. The fact that the skeletons were in a sitting posture indicates that the people of that era practiced a unique burial ritual. The perfect preservation of the skeletons suggests that they may have been buried in an airless environment, such as a sealed underground chamber, or in a bog where the acidic waters helped preserve them.

The estimated age of 3,000 years suggests that these giants may have lived during the Bronze Age, a time when the use of metals for tools and weapons was widespread. This find is particularly important as it gives insight into the lives and cultures of people that lived so long ago.

It is unfortunate that there may have been a cover-up of the discovery, as it raises questions about why the find was suppressed and what other important finds may have been kept from the public. The fact that these giant skeletons were found in a sitting position raises the possibility that there may have been other artifacts or remains that were not disclosed.

The credibility of the eyewitnesses, the accuracy of the measurements, and the thoroughness of the excavation will be of great interest to researchers who seek to understand more about these giants. This find underscores the need for careful and thorough exploration of archaeological sites to uncover our shared history, even if it challenges our preconceptions.

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