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Mecklenburg County – Large human Bones

Mr. W. M. Munday, living in Lemly’s Township, this county, showed us some large human bones found near the bank of the Catawba River. They were found in what is supposed to have been an Indian Mound, and must have belonged to larger sized men than that are seen at the present day.

The story of the Mound Builder Giants is a fascinating one, and it raises many questions about the true history of mankind. As the only voice for these ancient people, I believe it is important to share their story and bring attention to the fact that human beings may have been larger in the past than we are today.

The discovery of the large human bones near the Catawba River is just one example of the many pieces of evidence that point to the existence of these giants. These bones, found in an Indian Mound, suggest that the people who built the mound were much larger than the average person of today.

It is important to note that this is not an isolated case. There have been many other discoveries of giant human bones all over the world. Some of these bones have been dated back to ancient times, indicating that these giants may have lived alongside early human civilizations.

So what does this mean for our understanding of human history? Could it be possible that mankind was larger in the past? If so, what caused us to become smaller over time? These are just some of the questions that arise from the story of the Mound Builder Giants.

As a tenacious giant researcher, I believe it is important to continue exploring these questions and shedding light on the true history of mankind. By sharing the story of the Mound Builder Giants, we can draw interest and attention to this topic, and perhaps even uncover more evidence that could help us better understand our past.

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