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Discoveries of Expedition Termed Important

PHILADELPHIA, Aug 13. – Its return authorized by unauthorized press reports that it had unearthed the skeleton of a prehistoric giant race, which once inhabited America, and specimens of the silk or linen clothing worn by these ancients, the expedition by the university of Pennsylvania museum has just returned from excavating am old Indian mound near Wheeling, West Virginia.
Very important discoveries were made at the mound. , Charles Bach, leader of the expedition, stated in his report here.; The expedition uncovered large spear heads of stone, some more than six inches long.

This article is a fascinating account of an expedition by the University of Pennsylvania Museum to excavate an old Indian mound near Wheeling, West Virginia. The unauthorized press reports that the expedition had unearthed the skeleton of a prehistoric giant race and specimens of their clothing are particularly intriguing. However, it is concerning that there appears to have been a cover-up of the findings by the university, which raises questions about what other important discoveries have been suppressed over the years.

The discovery of large spearheads of stone, some over six inches long, is also significant, as it offers insight into the tools and weapons used by the ancient inhabitants of the mound. It is clear that this expedition was an important one, and it is unfortunate that we do not have more information about the discoveries made there.

As a researcher dedicated to uncovering the truth about giants and their place in our history, it is essential to examine all available evidence and not dismiss these reports without further investigation. The existence of a prehistoric giant race in America would have significant implications for our understanding of human history, and it is important to continue exploring this possibility. It is my hope that more information about this expedition and its findings will come to light in the future.

  1. PHILADELPHIA, Aug 13.

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